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03/11/2022 | REGISTER.SU has been impacted by current events. At this time we are unable to:

1. Register new .SU domain names;
2. Renew already expired domain names.
3. Transfer premium .SU domain names.

Current domain renewals are NOT affected. We renew .SU domain names within 24 hours. Please do not let your domain to expire! Renew as early as possible.

Q&A about .SU domains

On this page you will find frequently asked questions regarding .SU domain registration, Terms, pricing and domain renewals. We're currently updating our FAQ; if you still need assistance, please contact us at any time: [email protected].

What is .SU?

.su was assigned as the country code top-level domain for the Soviet Union on September 19, 1990. It remains in use today, even though the Soviet Union itself no longer exists, and is administered by the Russian Institute for Public Networks (RIPN, or RosNIIROS in Russian transcription).

Who is operates under Joint Stock Company «RU-CENTER» (Moscow, Russia) Partner Agreement. We register and renew domain names in .su zone for flat fee: $29.95 per year.

Have you been impacted by current events in Europe?

Unfortunately, we have. We operate from New York and started to experience difficulties in March 2022. All new registrations and domain renewals (expired domains) have been suspended because USD payments are no longer accepted in Russia. However, current domain renewals are NOT affected. If you need to renew your .SU domain name today, please login to your account. If your domain name already expired, it will be deleted from registry. You won't be able to re-register.

Please renew as early as possible.

Is it possible to renew current .SU domain name purchased via Register.SU?

Yes, it's possible. RU-CENTER has enough funds to cover all domain renewals until May 2027.

Is it possible to renew current (active) .SU domain name purchased via RUCENTER?

Sorry, it's impossible. Domain name will expire.

Is it possible to renew current (active) .SU domain name purchased via RUCENTER Partner?

Yes, please drop a ticket to support desk.

Is .SU domain name still supported globally?

Yes, it is. You can host .SU domain name anywhere you wish.

My Thawte® security certificate (SSL) installed on .SU domain failed to renew. What should I do?

Let's Encrypt certification center will continue to issue free Security Certificates to .SU domains. They will also renew SSL free of charge. Example of free SSL that we use: (.SU domain whois).

Do you support redundant DNS hosting in Moscow, Russia?

Yes, we do. You can add 3 .SU domain names and up to 225 DNS records. DNS are fully redundant and supported worldwide.

How about .RU domain names? My website cannot be reached!

Sorry, we do not register nor support .RU domain names. We support .SU domain names only. You should contact your web hosting provider. If your current web hosting provider refuses web hosting services, you should find local provider in Russia.


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